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Taking a dynamic bicycle measurement

Stappenbelt not only sells high quality sports bikes, we also ensure that it is perfectly adjusted for you. Come and visit us for a professional dynamic bike measurement in Apeldoorn. With this we can perfectly match your bicycle to your body and cycling style. Optimum performance is one step away!


Getting the best out of your bike

In order to be one with your bike, it is important to have it adjusted properly. Without the perfect sitting position it does not matter how well your bicycle performs or what quality your cycling clothing and accessories are. Only then is it possible to get the best out of your ability. Our skilled staff is happy to arrange a bike measurement for you. In the Body Geometry Fit room on the first floor of our Specialized Concept Store, we provide you with the best service and the perfect adjustment of your bike.


Tailored to your wishes

During the measurement we will first discuss your wishes, cycling style and cycling goals. Then we analyze your body thoroughly: the Body Geometry Fit specialist looks at flexibility, fitness, endurance and more. Based on this, we optimize your cycling posture, clothing, shoes, and of course the bike itself. In short: we arrange a system and equipment tailored to your body and needs. Thanks to the comfortable atmosphere of our bicycle store and the service that the staff offers you, you get a good feeling and the best quality.



In five steps to your perfect fit

  1.      Interview

Our Body Geometry Fit specialist asks you about your cycling style, cycling goals and other information, to gain insight into your need as a cyclist. 

 2.    Physical examination

Our specialist carries out a comprehensive, 18-step examination to map the relevant strengths and weaknesses of your body. This is very important to determine the correct position and to select the right accessories.

3.     Bicycle analysis

Our specialist will analyze your current position on the bike while you cycle. This leads to extra insight into how your position and equipment can be optimized.

4.     Fit

In this 15-step process, the specialist will personalize your position on the bike and select the right equipment and consult with you. Eventually the saddle selection and position, shoes, insoles, cleats and steering position will be perfectly attuned to your body.

5.     Follow up

After the Body Geometry Fit process, the specialist will make a second appointment with you to evaluate your new position, answer any questions and advise you on how to get the most out of each ride.




Retül: The official tools of Body Geometry Fit

The Retül Vantage Tool consists of four infrared cameras that detect a series of LEDs. These LEDs are placed on your body during the Fit. This way, Vantage can collect a lot of information: from pedal analysis to the alignment of the body. You could describe the Vantage Tool as a ‘motion capture’ system, but specifically designed for cycling. Especially designed to accurately analyze every pedal stroke.


During the measurement, every position value from your lower body is registered first. This means that the complete alignment of the lower body – knees, ankles, and hips – is mapped during the pedal stroke. The system also collects three-dimensional data from the movement of the knee joint. Next, the upper body is up to determine the accurate steering width, steer length and depth. In total, the Vantage Tool measures 20 different data points, to fully analyze your body posture dynamically.


The system displays the data free of interference and without delay. This allows you and our Fit-specialist to read the accurate data in real-time and adjust your position quickly and efficiently if desired. With our Retül Müve measuring bike, adjusting the bicycle itself is a fast process. With the Müve, we can accurately mimic almost every bike and its set-up (saddle height, saddle resistance, stem length and depth, crank length, etc.) in no time.


The hardware of the Vantage system is very impressive, but it is the software that makes the system truly unique. The system has access to over 10 years of historical data, built by data from thousands of bike-fits. This data forms a ‘norm’ for the most efficient position that fits a particular physique. Together with the hardware, this system offers a robust data set that has no equal. And – more importantly – this guarantees that you will get the right position on the bike in record time.


At Stappenbelt there are three Fit-specialists that can adjust your bicycle to your body.


Feel free to contact us for more information or to make an appointment.


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